Services offered

    process modeling / simulation       
    excel-based calculation / simulation
    conversion of legacy software into one with GUI 
    process development / design / operation

 Process modeling and simulation

  1. Development of mathematical models for chemical equipment
  2. Development of simulation software with graphical interface
  3. Advice concerning modeling and simulation software
  4. Advice on computational aspects
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Excel based calculation and simulation

  1. In-house training courses for engineers and other professionals, enabling them to develop their own excel programs
  2. Subsequent assistance as an advisory service, whenever required
  3. Turn-key development of a software package as per your requirements
  4. Assistance in combining and augmenting existing Excel workbooks
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Conversion of legacy software into one with GUI

Some very useful packages developed a long time ago are still being used in many places. If you have such packages (probably developed with earlier versions of FORTRAN), they can be converted into new packages with all the conveniences of a Graphical User Interface, without touching the computational part ! Please contact for details.
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Process development / design / operation

  1. Application of statistical techniques for process improvement
  2. Develoment of equipment design software
  3. Advice on troubleshooting plant operations
  4. General advice on chemical plant / process improvements
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