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Areas of Expertise

  1. Mathematical modeling, simulation and optimization
  2. Numerical methods, software development
  3. Statistical techniques
  4. Multiphase reactions, thermodynamics, solid-fluid operations
  5. Development and design of chemical processes and equipment
  6. Solution to plant problems
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  1. B. Tech. in chemical engineering, Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, India (1969)
  2. M. S. and Ph. D. in chemical engineering, Purdue University, U.S.A. (1971, 1974)
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  1. Consulting and software development for chemical industry since 1997
  2. Various levels as Senior Scientist (1974-96), and Scientist in Director's grade (1996-97) in the National Chemical Laboratory, Pune, India
  3. Visiting scholar/research associate, Syracuse University, U.S.A. (1982-83)
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Scholastic Achievements

  1. Scholarship (1964-69) at the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, India
  2. Degree of B. Tech. with 2nd rank in the chemical engineering class (1969)
  3. Percentile score of  96% in the Advanced Test, Engineering and 99% in the Quantitative Aptitude Test in the Graduate Records Examination (1968)
  4. Teaching and Research Assistantship/Fellowship at Purdue University, U.S.A. (1969-74)
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Awards and Honors

  1. Was offered a long term scholarship by the National Science Talent Search Scheme, India for studies in pure sciences (1964)
  2. Amar Dye-Chem Award (1981). This is a National Award for "Excellence in Research and Development" given to a chemical engineer below 35 years
  3. Mrs. Chinnamaul Memorial Prize (1981). This is a National Prize for the best technical paper presented at the Annual Session of the Indian Institute of Chemical Engineers
  4. Visiting Fellow, Bombay University, India (1987)
  5. Elected Fellow by the Indian National Academy of Engineering (1991)
  6. Herdillia Award (1991). This is a National Award for "Excellence in Basic Research in Chemical Engineering"
  7. Elected Fellow by the Maharashtra Academy of Science, India (1992)
  8. Elected Fellow by the Indian Academy of Sciences (1995)
  9. biography included in Marquis' "Who'sWho in the  World", U.S.A. (1998)
  10. ICICI Technology of the Year Award (1998), as a member of the process engineering team. This is an award given by the NCL Research Foundation for a commercially successful technology with innovative elements
  11. biography included in Marquis' "Who'sWho in Science and Technology", U.S.A. (1999)
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Research Experience

  1. Published more than 60 research papers, most of them in international journals. Click for the list of publications.
  2. Provided guidance to three students for research work towards their Ph.D. Click for details.
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Process Development / Design Experience

The process development / design experience includes leading process development / design teams on the following sponsored projects :
  1. Hexachlorocyclopentadiene  - This project involved bench scale work as well as designing and setting up of a pilot plant which included three different types of chemical reactors. Throughout the process development work, mathematical modeling was used extensively for data analysis, which resulted in a very efficient use of the experimental effort put into the project.
  2. Benzaldehyde  -  This project involved laboratory scale catalyst development in microreactors without gas recycle, and designing and setting up a single tube pilot plant involving gas recycle. The use of mathematical modeling in the design of the pilot plant enabled the project team to achieve the expected results from the pilot plant just after a few runs.
  3. Monochlorobenzene  -  This project involved preparation of the basic process engineering package for a commercial MCB plant of 60 T/day capacity, and interaction with the client during implementation of the project.
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Consulting for Chemical Industry

Consultancy services were provided to industry in the following areas :
  1. general advice on plant problems
  2. heat exchanger network synthesis
  3. process improvements / standardization
  4. energy optimization
  5. design of two phase separators
  6. application of statistical techniques to a PET plant
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Simulation / Software Development for Industry

Mathematical modeling and development of simulation software were undertaken for industry in the following areas :
  1. naphtha reformer loop
  2. diammonium phosphate granulation loop
  3. a train of distillation columns
  4. vapour absorption refrigeration systems
  5. fluidised bed Polyethylene reactor
  6. PET (Polyethylene terephthalate) finisher
  7. PET reactors
  8. melt spinning of PET
  9. drawing of PET
  10. hydrogenation in a slurry reactor
  11. sintering of PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) billets
  12. lactam extraction from nylon chips
  13. manufacture of Guanidine Nitrate
  14. solid-liquid equilibrium flash calculations for aqueous electrolyte systems
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Ph.D. Theses guided

  1. Shrotri V. R., Studies on Mass Transfer in Packed Columns, Pune University, India, 1984
  2. Rao P. V., Theoretical and Experimental Studies on Heat Pump Systems, Salford University, U. K., 1987
  3. Patwardhan V. R., Performance Characteristics of Heat Pump Systems Operating on Nonazeotropic Mixtures of Working Fluids, Salford University, U. K.,1987
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  1.  was invited to write a chapter on Selectivity in Complex Reactions in Fluidised Beds in "Handbook for Heat and Mass Transfer Operations" published by Gulf Publishing Co., U.S.A. (1986)
  2. was invited to be a resource person in the "Pan Commnwealth Awareness Workshop on Mathematical Modeling" held in Chennai, India (1992)
  3. was invited to be a resource person in the refresher course in Computer Applications in Statistics held in Pune University, India (1993)
  4. was invited to write a chapter on Mathematical Modeling of Intracrystalline Diffusion in Zeolites in "Advances in Transport Processes, Vol. IX", published by Elsevier, The Netherlands (1993)
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Partial List of Clients

Clients : From India

  1. Hindustan Organic Chemicals Ltd.
  2. Sudarshan Chemical Industries Ltd.
  3. Bakelite Hylam Ltd.
  4. Adarsh Chemicals and Fertilisers Ltd.
  5. A Plus Projects and Technologies Ltd.
  6. Indian Petrochemicals Corporation Ltd
  7. Hindustan Lever Ltd.
  8. Thermax Ltd.
  9. Reliance Industries Ltd.
  10. Century Enka Ltd.
  11. Explogel India Ltd.
  12. Tidiagonal Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
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Clients : Outside India

  1. DuPont, U.S.A.
  2. Wellman Inc., Ireland
  3. Wellman Inc., U.S.A.
  4. Zimmer AG, Germany
  5. University of Venice, Italy
  6. Unifi Inc., U.S.A.
  7. Neumag, Germany
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